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Our mission is that the Schumann Institute Netherlands shares universal knowledge in the field of health and consciousness intended for all humanity and offers courses, presentations, meetings and coaching in this field as support. In this way we contribute to the awakening of humanity and create a new field of consciousness.

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Meet Our Co-Creators

Meet our amazing co-creators who have worked with the Schumann Institute to make the video courses at our Schumann Academy possible.

Saskia Bosman

Dr. Saskia Bosman, biologist and consciousness trainer.

My name is Saskia Bosman, born in 1961 in The Netherlands. I live in Culemborg, The Netherlands. Since childhood I have been interested in humans, nature and also perceive the world of subtle energy. I am a consciousness trainer and coach with a scientific background as a biologist. I am a medical and cellular biologist and later became involved in agricultural and marine biology. 

During my PhD job, I was already organizing and teaching courses in medical circles to learn how to use lasers. Since 1988 (I was 27 at the time) I have been facilitating people to come out of stress and into their power based on information from science. In my trainings, such as brain training, I present this knowledge. I convey complex information understandably and enthusiastically engage groups in exercises. Herein, everyone’s own creative power is used for well-being and inner growth, which has its beneficial effect on work and private life. Over the years I have developed into an expert in the field of preventing and neutralizing (chronic) stress and fatigue. As part of this, I also organize relaxing and inspiring nature and culture tours, where we meet free cetaceans (dolphins, porpoises and whales), among others and ancient cultures. Cetaceans I have come to know as civilizations in the sea, without technology but with highly developed consciousness, from which we can learn a lot. For example, a group of 75 municipal officials (from the mayor to the field office) were able to benefit from this in a short training course I gave in November 2022.

Participants feel inspired to apply what I bring to themselves even after the training or trip. Many methods I teach are easy to integrate into daily (work) life. Participants notice that they make progress on all fronts. I like to deliver quality in trainings, from any workbooks through the illustrated presentation to the experience. My work does not stand still as I continue to research and educate myself to renew my trainings.

I offer the workshops based on my personal, scientific interest, knowledge and experience as a biologist in the relationship between body and mind. In doing so, my personal and social goal is to contribute to conscious human evolution. I am convinced that we are at the beginning of an evolutionary leap.

Where possible I frame this with my talents as a visual artist.

My company InspiRadiance is affiliated with Bewust Culemborg and Spiritueel Werkers Nederland. Both are networks of practices, stores and companies that have personal growth, health, well-being and/or sustainable entrepreneurship at the center of their work.

Over the past 4 decades I have taken various courses in energetic therapy, guiding workshops and meditations and I am an NLP Practitioner and live blood analyst.

As an independent researcher, during the summers of 2004 and 2005, along with a group of colleagues, I researched the synchronization of brain waves (electrical brain activity; EEG) with the Schumann resonance and the states of consciousness associated with it. This provided interesting insights on how we access the unseen world of energy and consciousness. About this I contributed a presentation to the Schumann resonance trainer/coach training. This research is being picked up again.

And I enjoyed doing the Schumann resonance trainer/coach training with Anton. The information from the Schumann resonance workshop is fascinating and the energetic exercises feel pleasant and complete to me. The Schumann resonance course fits completely into my offer of consciousness growth with a scientific basis. The Schumann Institute Netherlands: https://www.schumannresonance.earth.

For this course and my wide range of activities, please visit my website https://inspiradiance.nl. Announcements appear regularly on my social media channels.

Elianne Rumahloine

Energetic therapist and I deal with soul cleansing.

Hi I’m Elianne

My name is Elianne Rumahloine, and I believe in the power of energy and synchronicity. Together with Tamara, I am the creator and founder of the Schumann Collective.

My personal introduction to Schumann resonance was extraordinary. For years I have been creating music and songs that convey frequencies and energy. I compose meditation music, binaural beats and healing music frequencies. To my surprise, I discovered that I had actually been composing on the frequency of the Schumann resonance, the heartbeat of the earth, all along.

It was a confirmation that my work was in alignment with the natural rhythms and energies of the universe.

My mission is to support people in raising their frequency through music and meditation so they can experience more happiness, joy, health, harmony and love for themselves and the world around them. Also as a coach, I am available to guide you in finding the path in life that brings you fulfilment and joy.

I believe everyone has the ability to live a life that makes them truly happy, and I would love to help you discover and walk that path.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with others so that they too can benefit from the healing power of music and the Schumann resonance. Together we can raise our frequency, get in tune with ourselves and the world around us, and create a positive impact.

I look forward to meeting and guiding you on your path of growth, healing and self-discovery.Let’s explore together the beautiful journey of life and increase the harmony and love in ourselves and the world.

Tamara Veraart

Energetic therapist and I deal with soul cleansing.

I am Tamara

My name is Tamara Veraart and I strongly believe in the law of attraction. It is truly amazing how the puzzle pieces of life fall together at the right moment. At a time when I was looking for someone to record the exercise during the course with the perfect musical accompaniment, Elianne came my way. Together with Anton Teuben the founder of the Schumann Institute we are the creators of the Schumann Collective, a wonderful collaboration born out of our shared vision and passion.

Over the past eight years, I have fully immersed myself in a personal journey of growth and development. Various in-depth trainings, courses and courses have crossed my path in the areas of intuitive development, coaching, high sensitivity and awareness. But my journey actually began much earlier. I also help entrepreneurs develop their online visibility through websites and funnels.

The culmination of my own journey came with the Schumann Resonation course, which offered me a deep connection to myself and the universe. It was an incredibly transformative experience that changed my life for the better.

Now my passion is to help others integrate the Schumann Resonance into their own lives. Every day I work diligently on my own growth and evolution, determined to become and remain the best version of myself.

At the Schumann Collective, we firmly believe that all the answers you seek are already within yourself. Our goal is to support you in discovering those answers and to guide you on your own path of growth, healing and awareness. Together we create a safe and loving space in which you can flourish and reach your full potential.

I cordially invite you to take a meaningful journey together toward inner transformation and self-discovery, into the world of all-encompassing love.

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