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Anton Teuben — Founder Schumann Instituut & Academy

The Schumann Resonance is the vibration between the Earth’s core and the outer layer of the ionosphere, about 65 kilometers above the Earth. Everything that lives on this planet is connected to this vibration, say the heartbeat of the Earth. However, the present human being is not aware of this, because we have not been taught to connect energetically with this vibration.

There is evidence that Schumann resonance, an electromagnetic vibration in the atmosphere, plays a role in healing and health. Below you will find the evidence and explanations.

The pineal gland is sensitive to electromagnetic fields in the ELF (extremely low frequency, 1-100 Hz) range.

Human health is intensely linked to the natural electromagnetic vibrations in our environment. This goes even further than the pineal gland.

The word “selfrepair” refers to the following process: as long as it is alive, an organism will strive to maintain its internal balance in terms of metabolism, tissue intactness, etc.. Once this balance is disturbed, the organism will try to restore it. This is called homeostasis. The organism becomes sick when damage is done faster than it can repair. If the damage stops in time, the organism can still recover. If the balance of the organism gets disturbed beyond a certain point, a disease arises, which in the most serious cases has a fatal end. If the selfrepair capacity of an organism is stimulated, it can lead to a faster and more effective restoration of its internal balance.

Click here for the full report by S. Bosman:

Stimulating self-repair through the Schumann Resonance – S. Bosman


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